Why use Lifepassport

Purpose of lifepassport

Several health workers were asked this deceptively simple question: "What do you need to save the life of your patient in an emergency situation?". The answer was immediate and unanimous: "To have a good knowledge of their clinical history". Lifepassport, the application that allows you to save all your health data in a single web space, is always available, and it meets this need.

Lifepassport is essential in case of emergency

In case of accident or injury, the patient may be disoriented or even unconscious: to have your Lifepassport Medical Card always close at hand or easily visible in your wallet will allow medical staff to access the information in your profile, even if you may not be able to provide it directly.

Whether you are close to home or on vacation in an exotic location, wherever there is an Internet connection, medical staff will be able to get a complete picture of your clinical situation simply by connecting to www.lifepassport.org, , selecting the language of the website by clicking on "Emergency access" and entering the code on the MEDICAL CARD: They will know what diseases you suffer, what drugs you are allergic to, and what treatments you are following. Having complete and accurate information means fewer chances of errors, faster and more accurate diagnosis, more targeted and effective therapies.
We would like to emphasise that, for the protection of your data, identification via the Medical Card only allows the display of your health profile but does not allow any editing of the data it contains.

lifepassport: how it works and how it protects your privacy

The protection of your health data is our top priority. We are a Swiss company that operates through server machines protected by the most sophisticated anti-intrusion methods.
To protect your data and allow you to benefit from it as you wish, Lifepassport is based on the use of two cards: the Private Card and the Medical Card.

The Private Card allows you to change the data in the digital medical records. In order to create and update your profile you will be asked to identify yourself using two parameters: Your username (i.e. the email address you provide during the activation phase) and the code on your  Private Card. This mechanism also protects you in case the e-mail address linked to your LifepassportPROfile has been hacked: no access will be possible even by entering the code on the Private Card. You use the Private Card to enter and modify your data, so we advise you to keep it in a safe place and not to disclose the code.

The Medical Card only allows to read your health information and this data cannot be modified. To access your records with the Medical Card simply enter the code on the card. Keep your  Medical Card with you at all times, so that it be easily found in the event of an emergency.

Lifepassport guides you in creating your "health passport"

Once you are in the entering mode because you have been identified via your  Private Card, Lifepassport will guide you in creating your "health passport": the information in your profile is organised in sections, each of which has been structured to ensure that health experts can collect your vital health data and represent a specific clinical picture.
The wizard used to collect informations is simple, anyone can do it. We advice You to be as accurate as possible when entering the data: in fact, the greater the detail and accuracy of the informations you provide, the faster and more targeted a diagnosis based on it will be. In case of doubt, ask your family doctor or healthcare provider for help, or contact one of the centres that are affilaited to the LifepassportPRO network.

Once you have created your profile, please remember to keep your  Medical Card with you at all times: it will be helpful in case of medical examinations of diagnostic tests, programmed or emergency hospitalizations, on vacation or when traveling.

We have described what Lifepassport is and how it works. Now activate the service and by accessing it you will see how easy and intuitive it is. We have created a platform dedicated to professional operators called Lifepassport in order to enable them to maintain your medical records and information by visiting the relevant webpage.

Lifepassport Pro: User's Side

Lifepassport is an application that allows professional operators (hospitals, public and private diagnostic centers, clinics, doctors, pharmacists, etc.) to create a bond you and help you manage and keep your digital medical records up to date in accordance with the permissions you provide.
In fact, you can:

  • Basic Option: this authorises a professional operator to enter only the test results and reports produced by them into your digital medical records. In this case the professional operators may only upload the examinations and reports they produce and if necessary consult them in the future, but the same may not do anything else. They may not access your health information and cannot even see the reports prepared and tests performed by other professional operators. In order to protect your privacy, a professional operator default setting is installed when you agree to join the Lifepassport network;
  • Display option: this consists in authorising professional operators to upload examinations and reports produced by them (basic option), and view them, without being able to modify any of your digital medical records. With the basic option, you also enable professional operators to view your health data;
  • Change Option: this allow professional operators to manage your digital medical records without any limitations. With the basic option you allow them to view and change your digital medical records (usually you grant this permission to your GP).

You can simultaneously authorise a number of professional operators to access your digital medical records with different levels of authorisation.

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