LifePassport PRO

Lifepassport Pro: the Professional Network for Professional Operator

Lifepassport is a tool that allows you, the professional operator, to create a network with your associates (patients, clients or co-workers).
With  Lifepassport you can create a stable contact associated with your Lifepassport users and help them keep their digital medical records up to date.
In accordance with the granted permissions and authorisations, that may be modified or revoked by users fully respecting their privacy,  LifepassportPRO allows you to work on your digital medical records in different ways.

How  it   Works

In accordance with our simplification standarts,  Lifepassport is intuitive, secure and can be summarised in a few steps:

  • Once You, the Professional Operator, have received the Professional Card you can activate the service following the instructions in the folder;
  • Once the service is activated, access the restricted area to invite Lifepassport users to be part of your network and share your digital medical records;
  • Once the association request has been received, the user may decide whether to join by following the instructions received by e-mailand. After acceptance of the request, you can begin to work on the basis of permissions that have been granted to you;
  • You may choose to exclude a user from your network at any time.

In order to protect the privacy of Lifepassport users, there are three different access levels to the digital medical records:

  • Basic Option:  consists in authorising a professional operator to enter only the tests and reports produced by them into your digital medical records. In this case the professional operators may only upload the test results and reports they produce and if necessary consult them in the future, but they may not do anything else. They may not access your health information and cannot even see the reports prepared and tests performed by other professional operators. In order to protect your privacy, a professional operator default setting is installed when you agree to join the Lifepassport network;
  • Editing option: allows a professional operator to manage your digital medical records without any restrictions. The fllowing are added to the basic option: the display option and being enabled to edit the data in your medical digital records (this is typically an option used for health care providers).
  • Display Option: this consists in authorising professional operators to upload test results and reports produced by them (basic option), and view them, without being able to modify any of your digital medical records. With the basic option, you also enable professional operators to view your health data.

The protection of your health data is our top priority. We are a Swiss company that operates through server machines that are protected by the most sophisticated anti-intrusion methods.
In order to protect your data and allow you to benefit from it as you wish, Lifepassport is based on the use of two cards:  the Private Card and the Medical Card.

The Private Card allows you to change the data in the digital medical records. In order to create and update your profile you will be asked to identify yourself using two parameters: Your username (i.e. the email address you provide during the activation phase) and the code on your Private Card. This mechanism also protects you in case the e-mail address linked to your Lifepassportfile has been hacked: no access will be possible even by entering the code on the  Private Card. You use the Private Card to enter and modify your data, so we advise you to keep it in a safe place and not to disclose the code.

The Medical Cardonly allows to read your health information and this data cannot be modified. To access your record with the Medical Card , simply enter the code on the card. Keep your  Medical Card with you at all times, so that it be easily found in the event of an emergency.


  • You have to provide the email you will use to access Lifepassport to the professional operators who join the Lifepassport service;
  •  Professional operators will send you an email invitation to join their network;
  • By accepting the invitation of a professional operator you will give him/her the opportunity to work on your medical records in digital basic mode: therefore he/she will only be able to upload test results and reports he/she produces and consult them as necessary in the future, but he/she cannot do anything else;
  • if you wish to enable a professional operator to view all your digital medical records (display option) or to manage it in its entirety (Editings option), you have to enter the "Settings" section of your profile using your Private Card and expressly authorise the professional operator in question;
  • In the event of theft or loss of the CARD, a "Block card" procedure is activated. Your password will be immediately stopped and a new one issued.



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