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Lifepassport is a service designed to protect your health through a worldwide network of professional operators at your complete disposal, to help you keep your  digital medical records updated. You decide who, how and when to manage, read, or simply enter data into your digital medical records.We keep your digital medical record safe and always at hand, while you add your wish to protect yourself.

The secure feeling that  Lifepassport gives you is univocal. To always have your Medical Card along with the personal effects gives you a secure feeling, and you know that you have finally done something practical to protect your most important asset: your health.

Health Passport

We have set ourselves the goal of creating a "health passport" that is useful, secure, always up to date, searchable and manageable anywhere in the world.
To do this we have used specialists in emergency medicine. We have contacted family doctors and specialists in the various health disciplines, and we entered into discusions with health care professionals who work daily in emergency situations. However, we used those who, in various countries in the world, already work with digital medical records and do not use them or wish to dedicate time to update them, or are not interested in data security. We analysed every aspect and made every effort to provide effective and innovative solutions, and this was how the LifepassportPROject began!

LifePassport is useful every day

Lifepassport has a simple and intuitive interface. It will guide you in completing  your digital medical records. Sheets specially designed to help you list your hospitalizations, the surgery you have undergone, infectious diseases you have suffered, diseases that you have been diagnosed with, the treatments that usually follow (including the administration of  medication), your allergies and intolerances. LifepassportPROvides medical staff with the main information from your health profile in different languages​​, thus overcoming language barriers and avoiding misinterpretations and misunderstandings that can complicate diagnosis and delay medical assistance.
You can enter and manage information about your health profile or decide to get help from your own medical personnel or automatically by professional operators who are part of the LifepassportPro network. In this way you will not have to personally update your health profile because wherever you are you can simply enter individual information or reports into your digital medical records without compromising your privacy.

How LifePassport works

Our service is based on two interfaces; the first is called  Lifepassport the second is called LifePassportPro.

Lifepassport is the central part of the service and the user's private digital medical records. We have designed a complete and exhaustive medical records model, which we constantly maintain, to show your health profile.  Lifepassport uses two cards: the Private Card and Medical Card. The Private Card allows you to modify the data in your digital medical records. In order to create and update your profile you will be asked to identify yourself using two parameters: Your username (or the e-mail address you provided when you activated the service) and the code on your Private Card. . This mechanism also protects you in case the e-mail address linked to your LifepassportPROfile is subject to attacks: in fact, access is not possible without entering the code on the Private Card.

The Medical Card only allows the display of your health data without being able to change it. Access is via the Medical Card,and by simply entering the following code on the card. Always keep the Medical Card with you, so that it can be easily traced in the event of an emergency.
LifepassportPRO is the interface that allows professional operators (hospitals, public and private diagnostic centres, clinics, doctors, pharmacists etc.) to create a bond with you and help you manage and keep your digital medical records up to date, based on the permissions that you decide to give. You decide who, when and how your digital medical records can be accessed.

Security of Data

Lifepassport is one of the services of our company, Meshpass SA, which is a Swiss company operating on the basis of the security and confidentiality standards that are typical of our country.  Switzerland ranks in a senior position because of certain factors that we consider of great importance to ensure your data is secure: in particular, it is one of the highest classified countries in the world for political stability, energy security, and a low natural disasters risk.
Our cards are equipped with identification codes. In case of loss or theft you can use the Block card function to immediately block the access codes via email and request delivery of new codes. If someone tries to access your digital medical records with your access code, MEDICAL Alerts sends you an email.
In addition to the confidentiality of the identification codes, security is ensured in  Lifepassport by a data encryption system. Not even our staff can decrypt your health data.

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